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Is it poetry? Part of a song?  A euphemism?
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Concept in writing describing the entirety of the known and unknown parts of the universe/multi-verse in a book or series of books.


Is there really a need for a new descriptive?

I think so. While “setting” is a pretty decent descriptive, it carries with it some connections to role playing. Which while some books has it (choose your own adventure books and such) you might not find that in a book.


Why Bookverse?

Universe does not fit the profile as there are books that contain many worlds, that exist in the same place or in different times.

Multi-verse doesn’t quite cut it, as some books only describe one universe. Multi-verse could be used to describe only one universe though, so it makes sense to use multi-verse over universe.

Setting is used to describe a place, and a set of rules that apply to that place. This is the closest I have found to a good descriptive. Widely used in the role playing world.

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