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National Novel Writing Month Week Two

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That crazy thing I mentioned last week? Still doing it. This week I wrote a total of 34 THOUSAND words. Yeah, I nearly finished a NaNoWriMo just this week. I think next year I will have to finish one novel project each week. Or maybe I will be doing crazy things like single-day novels. It’s been done before. I don’t know yet.

The thing that annoys me is that they are still sitting in my adaptation-folder, I’ve started writing at the speed of 47 WPM. At that speed I have to settle with getting 90% of the words right. That said, it’s still a lot of corrections. Some places I even forget what the spacebar is for. Let me show you the worst example I found of the spacebar being missing.

This was the first day I tried out the website called it is what bumped me from ~36 words per minute to 46-48 words per minute. (It forces me to finish my word count, which I for some stupid reason set to 5500 before it allows me to edit!)

Date  |  Words  |  Minutes  | WPM



What happened? I discovered


189 is a website with an ultra-minimalistic view on writing. 1: Select wished for word-count (I go for 5500, which I can reasonably reach in 2 hours)

Then write. All you see is this one letter. That one letter is what you have to regret. All your regrets are lain out in that one letter. Why? Because you don’t get to fix your faults before you have finished written your 5500 words.

Why is this great? There is this thing, you might have experienced it. A slightly highly DISTURBING voice in the back of your mind… “No, you can’t write that, you have to write it like this”, “Nothing is spelled slelling, it’s spelled selling”, “No, don’t put that comma there. Put it over here in stead! See, much better”

I HAVE. I wrote in an earlier blog post about blocking out disturbances. This “editor” is one of those disturbances. Will my texts have more faults? Yep, as I showed you above, they will.

Want to see how ~12k words look to me?



82th day for me today, of Jeff Goins’ “My 500 Words” our total count today ends up at

139954 words

How does that NaNoWriMo chart look?


Today felt a lot different than other days, I completed a challenge offered by Linzé Brandon over at the “My 500 Goes to NaNo”-group on facebook. It’s a sort of private group for people participating in both My 500 and NaNoWriMo. It’s been a blast! I’m out.

Pizza allures. I might even upload the pizza to my twitter!



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