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“I was amazed. Looking to the places he has had been pointing to I could see the amazing thin lines of spells. He was referring to the bindings that kept this place together. And I could see how this place was locked off. Anyone with a lick of presence could actually make this entire place implode essentially. Well, no. Not essentially. I looked at the man. “That’s crazy! How can someone make this work? I have no idea, how can you even allow strangers to see this, providing that it was you who made this?” I looked at him.

I couldn’t think of anything other than that. “Oh, It was me alright. And the reason is pretty simple.” he again pointed to the strange strings of spell that twirled around in empty black space. “Because if you were to interrupt those, nothing would have happened to the rest of the place. This is a pocket one like the rest of the training-rooms. However I made it weaker to allow people the viewing pleasure of seeing some universe halfway built with magic.

The reason I set up a puzzle to get in is so that people that are smart enough will find it, and a s a challenge to myself. I always visit this place. You can take it as a challenge if you wish. If you were to tear those down, this glass would protect you. And the open door would provide you with oxygen, or the holes cleverly hidden would. If there are other people in the common room. That is why this glass is so extensive. And why I can with safety show you and other students this place.

But don’t you agree? Those thin lines of spellweaving, is the only thing that protects this little ball of glass and iron, to the pressure of the void. That just beyond this glass, you can find the void. Outside everything. If that is not mind-bending, then you either have a dull mind. Or you are already a beast from the void.” ~ Anonymous student, and Zerxes, the legendary Necromancer.

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