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“Well, I didn’t have to save him. I could’ve let he him perish. However I had the the ability to save him. And Amanda had made contact with the man. The young boy hadn’t even realised he was dead. He thought he was dreaming. There were a few things that’d been lost in his memory this was something to be expected. He would have to get used to that.

The efforts I was making seemed to to stick. I watched the eyes of the headmaster, and the librarian. They looked for some sort of indication that things would be turn sour. “I think i I’ve gotten the parts I need, the spell emulates stable. And I should be able to correct the rest on the fly.

Now the only thing that was left was the soul that had been trying to escape. We had confirmed that the soul was the lads. And there was only the bindings that remained. Therefore I was getting ready to cast the spells. The soul was transported through the funnels that I had made, and ended up in the orb, like planned. What I hadn’t planned was for the orb to contain him so well that it had. There was nearly no effective way to traverse the barrier that was the orbs surface.” ~ Zerxes

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