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“Getting their pants in a bunch, they made no efforts to discourage me.

I could sense their anticipation. The storm was about to break. That was something I would have to get used to. For the by very next day, I had started training to become a Storm-dancer. As had my sister. It was something of a horribly strange thing to find both of us on the team of the trainees.

We had to sign introduction pledges. It was done in blood. The funny part? We don’t have a written language. The word “signing” in our language meant well, it translates to something like promise; or maybe pledge. Yeah, pledge that’s a word I like.

It has nothing to do with writing. That being because there are no such things as the written word in our nation. We did not write. Where am I? Right. I was telling you about the first class. Apparently the first few classes are about having fun. Well, to me it was fun. To my sister, it was terrifying.

I learnt that day that I was a daredevil at heart. Nobody could out-dare me. I would skip off the cliffs, landing safely in the water. It was great fun. As I did, I sensed something change within me as well.

The exercises that we were taught at school was I felt like I was already doing. It felt like. Ah, what is that word you have for it? De- DE-ja something, it’ll come to me.” ~ Alonzo Storm

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