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“The town was a small port, the captain had told me to wait with carrying the luggage down. Until I had gotten used to the feeling of the sand beneath my feet. I didn’t know what he spoke of, I had forgotten. Until I stood on the ground. And felt the world tilt . It was one of the most wrong feelings I have ever experienced.

And my body responded like a drunkard, sending me straight into the pier. It was not a hard fall. But it was a strange way to fall. All of a sudden, you are walking up a steep incline. There is no incline.

I felt the world tilt. Then, responding to a world that was tilting, I was suddenly lying on the ground. Looking up at the sky, that waved a little from side to side. It took a full hour before the feeling settled. This was the time the crew needed to barter this port, and set off. However they waited for me. The captain had something for me, and wanted to say his goodbyes.

Settling the feelings and working out how to use my feet again, it was a strange thing to experience. And I am glad for it. It was one of the first disorientation spells I had suffered, and that has made me more adaptive later when people really cast that thin shit on me.

This place was also the first place I met cars.

I’m told you have them on your world as well. To me the emergence of a metal beast that roared as it moved around was the most scary thing I had ever seen. I was terrified. But a part of my brain was always noticing the little things.

Things like the fact that some people was walking on some places along the stores that was higher up than the rest of the street. They didn’t look afraid at all of these metal beasts. ” ~ Alonzo Storm

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