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2015-02-01 4247 words, 60.67 WPM 23.52 % typo

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“”Be gentle, don’t make a sound” I said, and left the stage, to walk amongst the crowds, seeing if I could gauge the state of mind in the audience. The noise-makers were getting their louder noises out. After a short round, I stepped up to the front of the stage, Outlined against the white stage light, I was seen by most of the audience, which was the idea.

I started chanting something nondescript, and the man on stage seemed to start the change. And by “seemed”, I mean that he was changing. All of a sudden, a howl. Snarling followed. And the man was turning into a beast. Hind legs elongating, bending in ways it’s not supposed to, where pants would’ve been before he now grew a longer more muscled stomach than he had carried before. The wolf looked angry, still snarling, we had made the wolf settle through our shifting his attention to the goat. He was mid-slanter over to the goat when I was unluckily able to knock over a plate conveniently leaned onto the stage.

The wolf turned suddenly. And looked straight at me. Skipping through the lit ring. Goat forgotten, the wolf landed on top of my chest, pushing me down the middle vomitorium. I kept it at bay by sticking my hand into the mouth of the slobbering creature. Another howl, this time in the distance lured the wolf and it vanished.

The goat was left standing on the stage, lying there terrified in her own piss and shit. Stepping onto the stage, the blood spurting from my hand hit the stage with a musky, rust-like smell. My hand was ripped right off. “There are certain risks that come with this job” I shouted. The crowd was deathly silent, the lights went out. ” ~ Kimberly, the cursed true-born Vampyre

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