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“A horrible shrieking happened when Mia was taken. Thereafter we found that there was some sort of commotion, and a strange horrible light. Then they came carrying Alexander out. We could not get any response from him, me and Mia was able to communicate eye to eye. As was my best friend. My fears got the better of me. And I started imagining the efforts these people would have to go through. And we found that we were simply thrown into the back of vans. Then driven away. The cars carried a bunch of students each. Luckily, me, my best friend, Mia and Alexander was thrown into the same van. We were completely alert when the van stopped somewhere. The lights that streamed through the back door window. The windows weren’t very big on these doors. The back of the van was suddenly ripped apart. I saw the door thrown off it’s hinges, both of them in fact.

There, A woman stood. A feral look on her face. Her eyes didn’t look like she was going to do anything other than kill us, rip us to shreds. Then she calmed down the transformation was immediate and completely unexpected. It looked to me like she had suddenly flicked a switch. Thereafter I was getting cut down, from the harnesses that held us up. The same was three friends. There weren’t any bindings on our feet, so we were able to follow the woman, who now carried Alexander. The men that had been driving all the night, lay by the side of the driveway. The lot, was bloodied. They had puncture wounds in their lungs and were breathing heavily. Like they were dying. I lagged behind a second too long, and the woman shouted to hurry up, and that the men would live. If only for a little while.

Then she cackled. ” ~ A friend of Alexander Silverstin

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