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“Looking through our little table. I could see that Mia was eating a bit more protein than she usually would. Alexander didn’t do much extra, Storm, he looked around, then poured something strange scenting into his glass. He offered it to me, and I smelled a bit. I Really really wanted to gobble up all of it. My Vampyre was crazed at it. I restrained him down rather easily, and was able to settle with the boring food on my plate, I did however spike my drink. The blood was that of a were-beast that had lived some centuries past.

I’d managed to find another stack of it in another blood-bank. Taking it out, and storing it in the Freaq. There everyone accepted me. Here, only the Group Helga had made accepted me. However they their acceptance was far better than the scorn I was getting from the rest of the crowd. I looked through the crowds searching for my first match. I was left to my own devices after the food was consumed. On my way back to my room to get my war-staff, I was surprised by someone that was going to punish me for my sins apparently. I could see there was not much power lain behind his fist. Even with his magical bolstering, I could not quite figure out why he was hitting me.

The boy seemed genuinely surprised when I didn’t even budge. The robe was so heavy it absorbed all of his efforts. “Look, I really really don’t have the time to deal with this. If you are quite finished, I would like to leave now. ”

The boy simply stared at me. As I stepped past the somewhat docile creature that had been so very big and tough just moments before. I stomped.

I knew I shouldn’t have, my weight were placed on the foot in front, and the back foot stomped. I knew there was a carrying structure under my front foot, so my weight was wonderfully carried. The plate in the floor behind me broke. Just pulverised. To the surprise of people walking in the hallway below this one.

The person that had tried punching me stood there gaping. I had no time to explain or harass them back. Entering my room, I gathered my staff.

We made a connection as we always did before he did his line of work. There was an expectant air to him. “The tournament is still going on? I thought they ended this old thing centuries ago.”” ~ Kimberly, Trueborn cursed vampyre

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