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It was hard to explain to Peter what had happened. But I grabbed the man, and lifted him over my shoulder. His body felt light. Peter looked at me quizzically. There were some seconds of silence before I left Peter behind for my trailer.

I had little in common with the man. However I would not kill him, like my Vampyre wanted. The thing could not spin things long into the future, about his own nose, that was the length of his foresight. I’d have to explain to him positive things of having a live were-beast. It should be pretty obvious.

The man that was now limply lying on my shoulders, looked to be about twenty. Maybe thirty. I’d never been good with ages. That might have come from my parents looking like they were eighty, while themselves claiming they were forty. In their human form they looked really really old. I expect this was to compensate for the knowledge they contained. There had to be multitudes of knowledge that made them work they way they did.


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