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“The ride to the point went fast. Faster than I could remember.. However the horse would be steaming when I let him rest. We were riding the horses rather hard so we would be there in time to do the minimum needed preparations.

The girl was already there when we got there, she waved behind me, “All alone? I guess we see what you are made out of.” Her beautiful eyes were shining. Shit. I was certain that I had been riding with my grounds. If I had to do their work, I would have to reach for the leylines. Thankfully the leylines were closer to the surface at this location.

Being the point for many a storm, it was well managed, and well drawn forth. Hundreds of grounds had pulled on the leylines that intersected here. Come to think of it, I wondered if the leylines were here first. It was not something known to happen. Leylines moving. But I guessed it was possible. Given that these had once been laying far beneath the surface.” ~ Victor, Storm Dancer

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