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“The land was maintained by the little insects that swarmed the landscape. It had been some fifty years since the large calamity that scorched the earth. There were nothing left, except for small pockets that still for some reason still had access to the lush forests that were once covering the continent. It’d taken no more than one man to man make sure that all those lives were not lost.

This man, was an ancestor of mine. He had long since passed. Well, Not long since. It was an accepted truth that he probably still lived. However the manner in which he lived was nothing compared to the I did. From what we could see the efforts he put together to make something that would last a long time long after himself. It looked to be working. It was technically not rule by family. It’d been a single year since that time. How they managed to make the first-borne actually grab the throne, it was something of a mystery to the extended relations.

Fair enough. My opening paragraph might have been no more than some fifty or so years late. It was actually meant to say a hundred or so years. The exact date is not something the commonality remember. We don’t really care that much. Only the throne seems to be interested in making that distinction. The counting of the seasons, and years is something that we have given up a long time ago. Mostly since there are a couple of ways of counting time, and none of them interface well.

So we leave that to the educated masses. Right, I was describing the huge desert that stretches around the continent. It was something of a safe-guard. There were other entrances to our lands. However most of them were guarded by gatekeepers. Their families had been making themselves rich by trade. There are certain laws that they have to keep, but they are free to trade products from the kingdom and boundless harvests so long that the fauna isn’t harmed in the process.” ~ Bol, Storyteller – distant relation of King Alonzo

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