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2015-02-15 4051 words, 64.3 WPM 23.28 % typo

Day 174: 4051 words in 63 minutes making the WPM: 64.3! Error rate: 23.28 %

“Men and women from all parts of the country are gathering, whatever they can carry off value. Backpacks filled with non-perishable food. Backpacks of tech. There are so many things they need. We need. It’s not long before we have a sixth, nearly of all our population. It’s a staggering number.

We hope to not run into a battle when we arrive, but we are sure there will or might be some hostilities where we arrive if the place is already occupied. Therefore we look like there might be a battle. The armed forces carry not only gear for their own survival, and their armour, and their weapons.

Activation day is getting ever closer.” ~ Cerun, The Wanderer

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