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“Helga waved the young Alonzo Stormdancer over to the podium. “Could you show us how far you got with the tale?” The boy nodded, however he was unsure if he had been good enough. Helga could see that. It was not until he had moved away from the seat, that the storyteller was able to see that there had been a painters gear there. The desk had been angled away from the podium.

There were some students that preferred to take notes in this way. Not having to angle their heads or eyes in the strange downward facing that Flat desks did entail. There, I could sense the gaze of the man change. It was something of a delight to see the surprise, as he looked over the paintings. The boy was a natural talent, and commanded the colours of paint intensely. Using what I could only describe as magic to both make sure there was a thin line where there needed to be, and incredible speed when there was a lot to paint.

The twenty or so paintings that he had finished in the time the man had been telling the build-up to his tale. A particular painting caught the eye of the storyteller, and they started tearing up. Starting the lesson by telling a little of himself, and how he started his job as a storyteller.

There had been a few descriptions of how his life had started. What had given him the interest to tell stories. There were a thing that would always stay with him.” ~ Averey Bendel, Trainee Storyteller

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