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2015-02-19 4006 words, 74.19 WPM 28.33 % typo

Day 178: 4006 words in 54 minutes making the WPM: 74.19! Error rate: 28.33 %

“My hands are getting tired of writing this on paper. These journals. They are important. I am an historian. And there has to be a history. There has to be something we can tell our children. I am awaiting one with my wife. We were already waiting when we left our old universe. The little people has not made contact since they left us some decades ago. Now I have to go back.

The first tools of metals were made from some copper-like substances. The metal wasn’t entirely the same. But its properties were similar. We had a few instruments when we came through. They had even managed to survive the trip here. The power required to power it, would be generated with some of our last solid state power generators that we had brought of over from the other universe.

They were easily the most effective ones we had. However we could not power them forever. We had been counting on this. The mass spectrometers were there mostly for finding more fuel to refine for those generators. And if possible to find more materials that we could use. We looked for materials that were similar to our own that we could easily integrate and or change to our match or our knowledge of the old universe. There were many professors that would discuss how this world differed and if it did after all.”  ~ Cerun, The Wanderer

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