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2015-02-20 4036 words, 73.38 WPM 22.94 % typo

Day 179: 4036 words in 55 minutes making the WPM: 73.38! Error rate: 22.94 %

“Sure we knew telepathic communications were possible. However we had no reason to believe gods would care about man.

Now that was an interesting thought. The gods of the the previous universe. What would they do when this being trying to consume our universe.

A terrible thought occurred to me. What if they hadn’t really been in any danger.

It was something I had not considered for a little over the half year we had been here.

It was startling to me hat that I had not thought of them. They were huge power-figures after all.

Another thought struck me. If they were as we were convinced that the in universe would end. Wouldn’t they gather all the power they could, then escape? And would they really escape this with us? It was a real possibility. I had no idea.” ~ Cerun, The Wanderer

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