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 2015-02-07 4570 words, 76.17 WPM 31.84 % typo

Day 166: 4570 words in 60 minutes making the WPM: 76.17! Error rate: 31.84 %

“There is a leyline running straight underneath this place. That is one of the more interesting things. They have a leyline running straight underneath the school. It’s rather close by the building seven. More so there is a bend underneath the very same building, which I am standing on top of. This made me think there had been dancer here before.

Because the leyline is actually thicker underneath this building. Thus it occurred to me that the dancer that built the building probably danced here a lot, and those changes happened to the leyline as a result. It was tall enough to end up right under the ceiling. Which made reaching out to the storm not too far.

Therefore I was wondering the implications of my findings when I had been dancing a few times I noticed that the building started repairing itself.

It had been in disrepair for quite some time. However as soon as I started dancing. It repaired itself. Therefore I was thinking this building was a Stormdancer construction.

Lightning arcs shot off from my feet. the magical energy riding through my back, and unto the feet then shot into the roof of the conductive building.” ~ Alonzo Storm

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