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2015-02-22 4056  words, 68.75 WPM 21.89 % typo

Day 181: 4056 words in 59 minutes making the WPM: 68.75! Error rate: 21.89 %

“The vistas are still pretty. These giants near flooded their own lands, they’ve dug so far down into the earth, that things start to get hot. And gases gather there. They have to pump air down into those places to let the people we working there breathe.

The little man” Has offered me herbal tea which I have accepted. Hopping he knows what is poisonous to me. I am quite sure he is human. But he might not be.

Are several reasons why I have been ordered travel here. It was not something I did on my own. I am to serve as some sort of spy. Well, spy is a bit aggressive. I’ve gotten the order to write everything down. So I’ve been doing that for some days now. It’s hard though. Constantly writing. And the paper keeps growing thin. The man that I am staying with keeps handing me more paper. As if he knows. I’ve had a few moments terrified that he can read thoughts. Which would be impractical. He’s the one that told me that the gods had arrived with these giants.

Apparently this was an embassy for the people they had brought with them. The giants that is. “The Little people” their moniker is.”  ~ Art Bech , Ambassador ( in the land of the giants, hosted by one of the little people )

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