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“”Its a secret section. When the ban on Ancient class spells were put into effect, I was able to save all these books. I’ve been working in this library ever since. Making sure to acquire the needed resources. This is also where the resources for the herbal salves that you can buy everywhere at a discount are made.

The money that comes back, or magic that is traded is enough to run this library for a long time. And that is the the general idea. They provide the school with a revenue that will allow it to run even longer than the budgets would have allowed it to run before.

I was in shock.

Allow me.” The man stuck out a gloved hand. “Ah, It’s better you know the truth now. ” he said, and un-gloved his hand.

I backed away a bit when I saw that he had no flesh on his hand. A skeletal hand reached out. ” Go on, take it. Shake it. ” Hesitantly, I worked my courage up to grab the hand. There was something that felt so wrong. So so wrong.

“I am Zerxes. The Necromancer. ” The man said. I heard the name, and the pieces started to fall into place. ”

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