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2015-02-26 4068   words, 68.95 WPM 16.45 % typo

Day 185: 4068 words in 59 minutes making the WPM: 68.95! Error rate: 16.45 %

“I managed to carry the kid to shore. Then set down my rope. Rummaging through my backpack. Also waterproofed. I worked my way to the emergency pack. And found a pair of red glasses. They’d been enchanted to give the wearer special vision. I was a well known traveller. That said, I was not a hero. I could save lives. And did so as much as possible, grabbing the rope. I anchored it in a rock, that had suddenly become visible by the sudden oncoming tide.

The weather was horrible. I had the boy stay. And tied the end of the rope to my self. The glasses hung slinging from a rope that kept it tied to my neck. I’d lost a pair before, they were not cheap. Covering them came a pair of swimmers glasses. The red glasses allowed me to see in the heat spectrum. It’d been a thought of mine to integrate the heat-glasses into the swimming goggles, but I had not had the time. I could spot a little shape, the heat signature looking like a human. The kid looked terrified. I made my way to the shore. Being sure to skip into the water as fast as I could to not sink into the mudded ground.

A dramatic swim to the shape, I managed to throw my arm around their neck. And started pulling the rope with my remaining arm. It was a horrible few seconds as I fought with the rope. When I suddenly felt the rope pull taut. I also felt myself dragged. Barely managing to keep my head above water, I turned. And could see another man standing by the rope.”

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