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2015-03-02 4070 words, 70.17 WPM 21.55 % typo

Day 189: 4070 words in 58 minutes making the WPM: 70.17! Error rate: 21.55 %

“I left them, and found my right hand woman in a dispute with some customer. “What can I do for you sir?” I asked, “Oh, um, Nothing miss” he said, and left the store.

“Rough day? ” I asked. The girl nodded. “He was trying to blame us for his falling on the pavement outside, and wanted another of our products, yet he could not show me the one that had been broken, nor a receipt.

I so scoffed ,there had been a couple of them this month. More than usual. People that would wanted to scam us. I wondered the reasoning behind their attempts. I left them and started readying the store for closing time. Wandering the isles and replacing and removing items, and generally made sure the store was in perfect state before closing.

It wasn’t much, but it helped me calm down about the investments made in the future of the store.” ~ Kimberly, Cursed Trueborn Vampyre

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