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2015-03-03 4134 words, 61.7 WPM 13.16 % typo


Day 190: 4134 words in 67 minutes making the WPM: 61.7! Error rate: 13.16 %

“Staring into the glass wall be between us in the VIP lounge and the rest of the audience, I felt something change. It felt like something broke in me. I could not quite put my finger on where it came from. I felt tingling in most of my face, scratching didn’t help. That and there were a few other places that tingled. This was new, I had never experienced this before.

The others in the booth made no noise. They didn’t notice anything I think. This would be because I sat there silent. For some reason, I grew really hungry. It was a dull ache at first. However, as the show grew older, this grew in intensity. As the lights turned on, I felt my hunger focus, on the tiny, thudding vein running along the throat of the little girl in the family group.

Pulsing excitedly at the heightened emotions she had from the last part of the show. There were others there, but all I could see was her pulsing blood-vessel. The thugs interjected then. They stood between me and the girl. And was still starting to make themselves larger. Trying to seem significant, but a single word stopped them. Commanding a Halt. My other self had what it wanted. All the time in the world with someone to eat. Then, something unexpected to the other me happened. Peter. ” ~ Kimberly, Cursed Trueborn Vampyre

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