I am a writer! Really?

For the last month, I’ve been running along with Jeff Goins´ My 500 Words challenge.

The purpose of this challenge is to create a daily writing habit. The main features of the lift.do site is ease of access. You can find it on all platforms, and the gentle reminder that you’ve forgotten something.

I’ll be honest, there are probably better todo-list applications out there. But this isn’t aimed at todoers. It’s aimed at people who want the todo-lists to go screw themselves, and instead create habits.

For the last 31 days, I’ve written at least 500 words a day. I’ve chosen to write in a bookverse I am creating. It’s a fantasy realm, with multiple universes, some interacting in different ways, others not so much. It has gods, magicians, spirits, vampyres, timetravelers, quite possibly elf-like beings. All that pzaz.

The main goal I have with this bookverse is to create a enormous weave of stories, first person accounts of things that has happened, or may have happened. To make as many stories possible as can be done and make it all make sense.

It all started out with different stories, written at different mindstates, and times. Then I realised I could weave them together. So I did. I then started noticing all the hooks for continued stories.

This led me to start creating a giant framework that would allow for multiple generations of stories to be written. As it is now, I’ve got a few centuries of actions planned out. Not detail wise, but in large parts. We’ve got a family tree of two generations for one of the main-characters in my original starting point. I plan to path out this family tree, and in doing so find out where all those characters went with their lives.

Just this one mapping, will allow for the future of an entire civilization, which I’ve set the groundwork for already.

Working out all the details, I have a friend of mine with me that I sometimes throw concepts at. Where he tells me if it makes sense, or gives me options. He was REALLY REALLY opposed to timetravel. Because of complications and plot holes.

In telling him what reasons I had for allowing timetravel, he agreed. It helped weave a better story for one of my starting main-characters. It also made this main-character who struggles with depression become the start of the family-tree we’ve got two generations of…

Back to the subject, I realised today, that I started the current tale out at 560 words.  I use GIT (A code revision tool) to keep history of my writings. I write using the “dumb” writing program Q10, which stores the stories in .txt-files. What git allows me to do is see the differences between each state I commit. And send that state to online sites like github or bitbucket. Now, to the meat of this section.

During my 31 days of 500 challenge I’ve written 23793-560=23233 words. That split over 31 days leaves us at an average of 749.45 words per day. During the course of writing for 31 days, I’ve made a time-investment count. The first two I didn’t do this, the rest of the challenge I have. This means I’m retracting my first two entries, leaving 29 days of stats.

23793-560-532-558=22143 words. The time part of this piece is: 49+61+28+37+32+46+27+54+67+31+69+45+28+29+27+43+71+32+30+38+38+41+44+24+28+20+30+52+74=1195 minutes.

This gives us the calculation 22143/1195=18.52 words per minute. Which isn’t a bad stat. Though I’ll be working to increase that over time. 


TLDR: I’ve had a blast, written 22143(23233 actually, but two of those days were without a time-stat) words in 1195 minutes, which gives me a beatable words per minute of 18.52. On average 749.45 words per day. Will I continue with the challenge? YES. It’s a gentle reminder that you just need five hundred words, although I’ll be aiming to beat my average in both words per day, and WPM.

PS: If there is interest for it, I can write about the tools I use. It’s rather basic, but you know. Interest dictates.