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Distractionless writing – Pt 2/2

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What is the best way to get things done?

Reduce distractions. 

I wrote a composite post, containing the tools I use for my craft. I later realized that the post might intimidate people who had no interest for the GIT source code revision tool.

Thus in this post I rip the writing tools away from the GIT tool. (hopefully to relieve some distractions ;))

I’d discovered Q10 before, a writing program for windows by the Spanish writer Joaquín Bernal. It’s a distraction-less writing program, it deals in one filetype. UTF8 .txt-files. Which is great, allows me to write in my native language using strange contraptions like å, ø, and æ. Beside not wanting to sully my writing with Norwegian, I find that a nice feature.Q10

Another program that I had my eyes on during a similar writing-bout period was Writemonkey, which lends a few ideas from (or to) Q10, it has a less wide writing field (estetically) than Q10, but it certainly also lets distractions go away.WritemonkeyI ended up using Q10 for longer writing sessions, Writemonkey starts up in a SCRATCH-document. Which feels more fleety than Q10s “I’ll put you right back in with the document you were writing on” way.

Q10 works in only one mode. FULLSCREEN. With Writemonkey  you can press escape, and it’ll be a smaller window.

That’s the end of our copypasta.


The very worst obstacle to productivity is distractions. Werther it’s an email, facebook popup, or your mom calling. It’s making you not work. Minimizing distractions works because logically you can actually work when uninterrupted.

For this reason alone I picked Q10 over Writemonkey. Q10 grabs your attention and shoves it into writing.

The next thing I take care of is audio.  An enclosed headset, with soothing lyric-less rythms, either or

Both of those work well for me. I’m not saying they’re perfect, but they’re awesome. And they work for me. (which is the main reason I work with those)

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