in Heartspeak

Human, First.

I joke a lot. Sometimes about horrible things. Without going into details, sometimes I end up joking about serious issues. Like mental disease.

I do not do this because I want to make light of the problem, nor because I think that you are unimportant. I do this because:  I believe that even though you suffer from a disease, behind that disease you are still a human being.  (Oh, do tweet this!)

This body of yours, sure you inhabit it. It is what allows you to have agency on this planet. It enables you to do whatever you want to do. It can also in some cases be your worst enemy.

I know this,  you know this. We agree upon this fact. Therefore, I think it is a waste of time, to  always talk  about your disease. Ideally I would like to look past it. Yes, I would learn a lot of your disease.

If you need to talk to me about it I will listen. I will listen intently because you need it. If we can ignore the disease and do other stuff, this will remind us that we are human, behind all of our problems.

A good heartfelt laughter will always be remembered and cherished. A long-winded rant, about how the entire world is against you because things are hard will not.

This, fellow humans bring us to the meat of the issue.

If you will never let me look past your disease, and talk about other stuff. How am I supposed to help you?

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