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“I sensed the man barring his teeth, thinking to press me against the sword forcing me to stand still.

“I would be really careful” my wife said. The first time they had heard her speak. It froze the room. Even the surgeon stopped his sewing. Transfixed.

Which was interesting enough. Vampyres weren’t usually get affected by their own. I guess there was something to be earned by being the Spirit queen of the continent. The surgeon was the first to recover. “And why would that be” The Vampyre rasped, his throat hoarse with lust. The blood flowing fingers breadths away from his teeth.

Hunger had clearly the better of him, but not for long. The chilling laugher laughter from myself woke him a little. I was still within his grasp. “You really think you could even touch me? Try the sword. It won’t find its way to my throat. It can’t cut the throat.” The man tried. And god did he try. Yet my static power by magical enforcing was stronger than his grip on the sword. And the sword stayed put. The thread was still invisible. Well, not invisible.

But thin, so thin that he could not see it clearly without focusing on the area around where it was located. I had my hands down. And the sword wasn’t moving. The tread was held by some anchor scales. They’d been pulled up, but the man hadn’t noticed. They were in the front after all. The hinges that had been set into the scales to allow movement to some degree didn’t allow it further up, and the way I had threaded the thread around the front, then to the sword made the sword stay put.” ~ Zerxes, The legendary Necromancer

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“The book read: “It’s been several days since my two hundredth victory in the sword tournament. I still on wonder why they hold it. It can’t be motivating for someone to know that an old geezer like myself has been beating this tournament for two hundred years in a row. This was something that most of the teachers wouldn’t mention to the hopeful students.

There had not been anyone that has managed to remove the taint of the swords completely. I reduced them by thousands of factors. And that has kept me alive while constantly wearing of them since their creation.

Hundreds of tiny layered spells are set into the metal. And that make them rather powerful they need no maintenance. I haven’t ever had any of the armour or swords take damage. Though scale mail is not something that is often used, my mine has been used to great effect. I have survived five or six wars in since their embrace of my body. One of them were a spirit war. Where a death god came to claim my land. However I was able to thwart him, simply with my own force. Warping space around you is something you can do when you connect to the land you are located in well enough that you can main almost natively control anything that happens in that zone.

The death god had attempted to get me on his home turf. However had not thought to check how well I could connect to unfamiliar zones. I managed to chase the claimant off.” ~ Alonzo Storm reading a journal left behind by Zerxes, The legendary Necromancer.

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“The town was a small port, the captain had told me to wait with carrying the luggage down. Until I had gotten used to the feeling of the sand beneath my feet. I didn’t know what he spoke of, I had forgotten. Until I stood on the ground. And felt the world tilt . It was one of the most wrong feelings I have ever experienced.

And my body responded like a drunkard, sending me straight into the pier. It was not a hard fall. But it was a strange way to fall. All of a sudden, you are walking up a steep incline. There is no incline.

I felt the world tilt. Then, responding to a world that was tilting, I was suddenly lying on the ground. Looking up at the sky, that waved a little from side to side. It took a full hour before the feeling settled. This was the time the crew needed to barter this port, and set off. However they waited for me. The captain had something for me, and wanted to say his goodbyes.

Settling the feelings and working out how to use my feet again, it was a strange thing to experience. And I am glad for it. It was one of the first disorientation spells I had suffered, and that has made me more adaptive later when people really cast that thin shit on me.

This place was also the first place I met cars.

I’m told you have them on your world as well. To me the emergence of a metal beast that roared as it moved around was the most scary thing I had ever seen. I was terrified. But a part of my brain was always noticing the little things.

Things like the fact that some people was walking on some places along the stores that was higher up than the rest of the street. They didn’t look afraid at all of these metal beasts. ” ~ Alonzo Storm

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“”Your influence field feels like A storm. I think you could camouflage yourself with this influence field. And that funnel, I am wondering how it can even maintain itself. However it is pulling in an extraordinarily high amount of magic. So however it is being used, make it continue this way. I cannot maintain the efficiency that you had here.”

The man moved on. The slight sensing of magic, that they could do. Though they could not mould magic themselves. Their senses were so such extended that they would sense other people’s magic even thought they could not maintain or mould such magic themselves.

Casting spell was something I learnt in the formal way later in life. I had not heard of the concept that is before I turned some twenty five cycles.

Sorry, Years. It’s still a habit after all those years. Even the five in this world. I still call them cycles.

I had become a full Dancer when the first storm that would crave lives came (in my lifetime as a Dancer at least). Our teams were to be the head shavers. We were not to drain more than two percent. A little amount, to blunt the main winds and such.

There were a few things that would be going wrong that night. I could not explain, but I had had a strange feeling all day. There were butterflies in my belly, and the hands and feet felt light. Like there was a disaster ahead. That said, I still soldiered on. As if I knew something would happen, it would not be hard enough to knock me down.

How wrong I was. ” ~ Alonzo Storm

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“Getting their pants in a bunch, they made no efforts to discourage me.

I could sense their anticipation. The storm was about to break. That was something I would have to get used to. For the by very next day, I had started training to become a Storm-dancer. As had my sister. It was something of a horribly strange thing to find both of us on the team of the trainees.

We had to sign introduction pledges. It was done in blood. The funny part? We don’t have a written language. The word “signing” in our language meant well, it translates to something like promise; or maybe pledge. Yeah, pledge that’s a word I like.

It has nothing to do with writing. That being because there are no such things as the written word in our nation. We did not write. Where am I? Right. I was telling you about the first class. Apparently the first few classes are about having fun. Well, to me it was fun. To my sister, it was terrifying.

I learnt that day that I was a daredevil at heart. Nobody could out-dare me. I would skip off the cliffs, landing safely in the water. It was great fun. As I did, I sensed something change within me as well.

The exercises that we were taught at school was I felt like I was already doing. It felt like. Ah, what is that word you have for it? De- DE-ja something, it’ll come to me.” ~ Alonzo Storm

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“I was excused from class. At which point I fell apart, and Amanda had to carry me away from the class. Before we entered a suddenly emerging door. And the corridor if doors allowed us entry into the secret section of the library. I lazily marvelled at my own ingenuity. And fell asleep right there. Amanda had something to take care of, so she simply plopped me down in one of the beds that were lined along one of the more silent walls.

There were bubbles of silence-spells around the bed.. And the blanket was warm. There were so many things that would be working through my heart. I could barely contain the feelings that were going through my body. I was wondering if they were mine, or the new boys. Well, the newborn boys. Technically he was just reborn.

I doubted that would be added in the incident report. It would probably contain what had happened. Nearly. There would be a report of that sold the tale that a minor injury was obtained. And that I had healed the boy.

I was not sure, but I fell into darkness. The warm, comfortable darkness of the dream work world.” ~ Zerxes, the Legendary Necromancer

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“Well, I didn’t have to save him. I could’ve let he him perish. However I had the the ability to save him. And Amanda had made contact with the man. The young boy hadn’t even realised he was dead. He thought he was dreaming. There were a few things that’d been lost in his memory this was something to be expected. He would have to get used to that.

The efforts I was making seemed to to stick. I watched the eyes of the headmaster, and the librarian. They looked for some sort of indication that things would be turn sour. “I think i I’ve gotten the parts I need, the spell emulates stable. And I should be able to correct the rest on the fly.

Now the only thing that was left was the soul that had been trying to escape. We had confirmed that the soul was the lads. And there was only the bindings that remained. Therefore I was getting ready to cast the spells. The soul was transported through the funnels that I had made, and ended up in the orb, like planned. What I hadn’t planned was for the orb to contain him so well that it had. There was nearly no effective way to traverse the barrier that was the orbs surface.” ~ Zerxes

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“The teacher that I had now, was one of those advanced teachers. She had gracefully allowed me admittance. Investigating the world, I still attempted from time to time to find the seams to the world. It was not only a way to work on my senses, but also a puzzle. I was sure this world was a magical construct, with stricter rules of conduct, however not completely impossible. That is some of the things that were going on in my head as the chilling splinters of bone breaking suddenly started all of us awake.

The student that had been asked to perform a demonstration and had suddenly exploded.

Their spells had gone wrong in some way, the entirety of the class was splattered with his blood. He was dead instantly.

It was something I would be overseeing the memory over many many times to revise future encounters like this.

Reflexively, I cast out a net, “net” being a term for an area spell usually cast to catch something.

The teacher suddenly started out of her shock.

“What do you think you are doing!? ” She shrieked at the top of her lungs. But my brain was already working in high-gear, I snagged the soul particles that hadn’t instantly moved on.

There were a few things that would be working in my favour. I had cast the web rather quickly, so most of his particles would still be here. Anyone that was leaking after that was caught and kept together. Quickly looked around the room, I shouted for Emanuel, and Wiljar to get down here, Their minds suddenly all business. I’d been commanding. And apparently it was working because they came down, slack-faced.

Looking like machinations more than humans. I called a few other names with their orders. Things were done very quickly. Maintaining the particles, and grasping the particles that were still pouring from the body.

Therefore I was looking through the options that I had. The orders were working, and people started arriving with the supplies that I had ordered them to get. There were not many spells that were made for getting souls to stick to their dead body and reanimate them. Well, there were a lot. However I had not read of any that I remembered. Because even those things were taboo at the library before I had been sent here.

There were a few thins that would ease the transition from being a spirit to being alive again.” ~ Zerxes, the legendary necromancer.

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“Out here in the middle of nowhere though. There is little you can do if you are lonely. It’s not like a pretty girl will fall into your lap when you are out strolling. Yet that is, if you will believe me, exactly what happened to me when I was out this very harsh and cold night.

Falling from the sky, she looked like she belonged in a court somewhere far off.

Like there had been a second of pause in the sky. And the lord himself had stepped down to give her to me. I hadn’t thought of him in a while. The lord.

Our lord. Our god and saviour. He was the reason we still lived, he was the reason for all of our existence. We lived, bred, and died for him. That was our calling. And we all felt it in our bones.

It was as much set in stone as was anything else on this earth.

For that for all that, I now believed in the lord again. My faith was renewed. The girl was unconscious. However she didn’t look cold.

When I picked her up, she was hot to the touch. More like an oven. It was unlike anything I had ever seen.

I felt a dread form in my gut. It had to be magic. And that was the work of the devil. Everyone knew that.

These thoughts and many more plagued me as I walked back to the cottage at the edge of town. It had been in my family fort the longest of times. There were nobody there. It had been something of a hobby of mine to live here from time to time. I loved the weather. It was something of a hobby of mine to study it, and describe the changes that I could see.

Not to brag, but I am someone of importance. I have a degree in meteorology. It is not an exact science, but it’s getting there. However I am sure it will work better than the wretched storm-glass that most people still carries.

I carry one myself. If nothing else than to remind myself of the stupidity of the common man.

Sure, it was an awesome statistical tool. However it did not really correspond with the reality of the weather around where it was located. It did however react rather violently, and interestingly to magic.

Depending on the magic used, there would be a range of different effect. That was something I had yet to see. I wanted to put the girt down. But as I explained the wind was less than kind, and I thought to get someone this little dressed inside before they perished. I had heard enough stories that there would be little chance of her living if she stayed outside, magic or no. The thought unsettled me. Like there was something worse than disrespecting god by leaving this girl outside.” ~ Unknown tundra-dweller

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“I was amazed. Looking to the places he has had been pointing to I could see the amazing thin lines of spells. He was referring to the bindings that kept this place together. And I could see how this place was locked off. Anyone with a lick of presence could actually make this entire place implode essentially. Well, no. Not essentially. I looked at the man. “That’s crazy! How can someone make this work? I have no idea, how can you even allow strangers to see this, providing that it was you who made this?” I looked at him.

I couldn’t think of anything other than that. “Oh, It was me alright. And the reason is pretty simple.” he again pointed to the strange strings of spell that twirled around in empty black space. “Because if you were to interrupt those, nothing would have happened to the rest of the place. This is a pocket one like the rest of the training-rooms. However I made it weaker to allow people the viewing pleasure of seeing some universe halfway built with magic.

The reason I set up a puzzle to get in is so that people that are smart enough will find it, and a s a challenge to myself. I always visit this place. You can take it as a challenge if you wish. If you were to tear those down, this glass would protect you. And the open door would provide you with oxygen, or the holes cleverly hidden would. If there are other people in the common room. That is why this glass is so extensive. And why I can with safety show you and other students this place.

But don’t you agree? Those thin lines of spellweaving, is the only thing that protects this little ball of glass and iron, to the pressure of the void. That just beyond this glass, you can find the void. Outside everything. If that is not mind-bending, then you either have a dull mind. Or you are already a beast from the void.” ~ Anonymous student, and Zerxes, the legendary Necromancer.

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“Well, I have learnt how to cast spell to bring back the dead. It warns that it has to be cast almost immediately after the deceased has passed. For reasons that are pretty obvious if you ask me. The longer they have been dead, the longer they have had to spread their souls.

Our people belie the soul is spread amongst the remaining inhabitants of the world. Whomever has had contact will retain some part of the soul of the departed. That is something we all believe. This belief is rooted in the anger of the gods that we pray to.

From time to time they have manifested proof, or anger. Devices that they are speaking to their priests with. The rest of us follow our priests. We have a couple of gods . One of them for the the heat that lets us live that far north. The rocks that allow us our sanctuary from the winds and harsh temperatures. Therefore we are all looking to make friends with the people that are known to be on his side.

I’ve been reading a a book from he ancient necromancers. This book speaks of the ways people die, and how you can retain the most soul particles.

There rare things that this school does that is interesting enough. Every year it keeps a sword tournament, Really? Swords. The very same outdated sharpened metal stick. Magic is far better a weapon I think. However there has apparently been a reigning champion for a very very long time.

I have no idea who this man is, but they say he is really really powerful. That is a given though. I mean, If he wasn’t how could he keep the title for so long. However long it is he has been keeping it.” ~ Unknown student of same academy that Zerzes went to.

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“I won’t let him win, of course.

My swords leaden with a stun-spell, hits him flat on the back. His body stunned, he can do nought but look at me with angry and hateful eyes when I walk to the front of the giant man. Arming myself with a force push, I gently shove him. The man falls with the satisfying sound of something huge falling to the ground. It’s a giant smack, coupled with something wet.

Something like this should never happen. A chill runs down my spine as the judges call the winner. I’ve a slight problem . The spell is not intended for short term use. Therefore I cannot deactivate it until it has destabilised a bit. Well, I could try to destabilise it myself. However, that is .. Erm.. Ineffective, and in most cases harmful as to where the fallout from the spell might end up. And also the places that I might hit when the spells are going out through the shield from the inside of the barrier.

The judges looked as shocked as I felt. That was relatively easy. There are a few things that I could have done better. But the man was stunned. And I had not had to show off too many spells. It was straddling that line. Where I knew what alterations would be needed to kill someone, That was a scary point to stand for someone as young as I was. When I knew that I, without a doubt could remove someones life force from this planet.

It was not a great day. But a bigger rush power I have never felt as that day.” ~ Zerxes, The legendary Necromancer

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“I could see the face he was making. There were no real reason behind them. The eyes simply glowed and dripped with anger and poison respectively. Thereafter the man looked at me through his hatred-laden eyes. There were nothing like that in my heart. However the sword that he had brought suddenly made more sense. It was made to make the most disturbance in the magical fields. And that would be why the judges allowed no limits. They thought I would not be able to do magic.

Well, Time to show them wrong. I didn’t sidestep the storm, though. Like I should have. It still hurt my senses. Magic rushing past to someone sensitive to magic hurt enough. I stilled my mind. Listened to and focused on the slight shifts in air pressure. We were no more than an arms length away now. Though he towered over me. So his reach was further away than this. This was my strength.

I could calculate his reach and would do so intensely. There would be nothing that he would be able to do without his reach. So I made it difficult to see and sense me. His abilities seemed to be well enough defined. I could sense him moving after me. Even with silence spells on. There was a sudden draft, and I felt that he had attempted to hit me with the draft. Closing my eyes did a lot to imunize me to his attacks. That was what I had to get through to my head. I would win.

I should win, There was no question that I would win. That was my determination. I would win there was no question. There was something that I could not get out of my head. There was something looking like a strong and angry man floating above my head. At the next, even more violent thrust and disruption, I started dragging magic forth from the leylines that creped below this school. The leyline leaked magic out in to our world. That was how the theory went. Looking back, I could think that.

Or the more interesting theory that the leylines are actually the blood-vessels of the planet. That was something I would have to investigate some other time. Some time I was not fighting a magical swordsman, by using magic, with my eyes closed.” ~ Zerxes, the legendary Necromancer

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“86400 That’s the amount of seconds that you have to work with in a day. There are so many things you can do with these seconds. There are so many people that spend their seconds unwisely. Sure, entertaining yourself is good and all. However, there has to be with moderation. Myself, I dedicate one hour, that is 3600 seconds every day to make the most out of my writing career.

Well, more like I dedicated that time to actual writing. I am getting at my own heart through the writing.

You have an account in a bank all humans go to. This bank account refills each day. You have a balance of 86400.

It is non-refundable, non non-transferable. You have this, it is yours. Every single day.

These seconds, that you have. These hours that you have. What do you do with them? No, that is a real question. Start thinking about that. Sure. It hurts? Sure, you are uncomfortable with those hours spent in front of the television or whatever timesink you have.

This is all your choice. No matter if you realise or not. It is something that you have chosen to do. One day, then the next, because I mean. It’s just what you do when you get home from work. Maybe the routine has grown to include a beer or two. To relax” you say to yourself. And yes, you are relaxed. But can’t you relax in a way that makes you get good at something and benefits from it?

Yeah, there are games that will train your focus,. there are books that will allow you to keep an iron heard focus for hour. There are movies you are unable to look away from. Our attentions have been divided. I’ve been a proponent of letting the world sail it’s own seas for some time. It is something that one will have to learn if you want to do something for an expanse of time.- If it is something huge. Like write a book, may be several. You lack something if you come from the TV-sofa. ” ~ Me on thoughts to refine for a blog-post


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“This was a strange practice. And i had only just gotten ready for it when the ores started arriving. We had fired up the forge. Using the forgefire, that Lord Rage had taught me. From the little orb filled with magic that he had given me, we could run Forgefire for a long time. It was something that I was getting used to as the first ore of spiritite was lain into the forge. Melting nearly instantly. We had started to pour more into the process. It was exciting to me I had never done this before!

The process of melting ore that had not already been processed. The man that was my guide here, made the motions that were required of a smith. Master smiths at that. However, the power he drew was not proportional to the spells he cast. They were hundreds of small spells. I could feel him drawing power from the lump he had been and was still holding in his hand. I started casting my own spells. The man was not a proper magician. Though he was not doing anything but layering a lot of minor spells.

As the lumps of spiritite was melting under the heat, i was starting to weave the spells that I found to be working in a stable manner into the molten metal. Some of them suddenly snapped into existence.

I could feel the smithy started twitching muscles around. And a hammer was lifted, tongs were getting ready to pick out the moulded bar of the terrible metal. The material was already soft enough to be plied. And there would be something of a strange cosy feel to the heat; the feel one gets through the use of materials that were and are all too powerful for ones own good.

I looked at the smithy’s body, the spirited man, his body was sitting peacefully on the floor. The man had his arms crossed. And the power that flowed through the rock that was the first sample of pacified spiritite. It poured power into that human form.

We started pounding the metal. I could feel tool-assisting spells, layer themselves around my arms. There were a particular song apparently that the smithy would sing when he made his best works. So many things were getting done at the same time that i could not properly gauge the effects of all of them. I had started melding one of the strange ideas that I had through the lump of material as we were making the next bar of the material. Most of my swords were there. In those two bars. However my subjects had started getting a lot of the ore at the same time.

They had found an interest in the form of mining and mined so much that i would be able to make braces form the same material. And the smithy was getting annoyed as we got the fifth, and sixth bar. There was soon a veritable mountain of ready made bars, that were soft pliable, and ready for more work. It ended with us starting on the swords, and starring on an armour. I was most fond of armours made from hundreds of scales. Those gave a lot of mobility. Which was something i was used to work with, and a lot of protection over other constructed armours. The smithy agreed that this would be one of the more fitting ones for my uses. For the tourney we made the swords. And they were marvels.

I am sure we had been folding that material for thousands of times. From time to time melting inn some sand. Forming little orbs of glass inside the swords. Along the spine of the swords, there formed orbs of glass. Some kind of special glass that the smithy would not answer me about. At the very last moment, the small glass orbs were inserted. Their spells took immediately. The spells inside them started folding out om into the spines of the swords, and the little orbs the good blacksmith had inserted.

The result were grey swords, that were unbreakable. The finish was not yet done. And that is when the swords really started to shine. The swords had cracks running along the edges. Though not more than visible. The cracks shone through. Light that came through those cracks. A dull, but at the same time strong blue light. The light was harsh to look directly at, but through the side of your eyes, or a glass pane.. It was alright.” ~ Zerxes, the Legendary necromancer

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“I ventured to a blacksmith’s and tested out the different sword-shapes they had. And found some things. And asked a lot of things. He recommended that I took something other than a dual-sword approach. There were more effective manners of protecting oneself. However, I was prepared for most of his answers, I challenged him to a friendly duel using some training swords.

The interesting part was that every time he was getting close to hitting me. There was a sword in the way, parrying or redirecting his sword. And a couple of times, there was one sword that was busy with his sword hand, and one that was underneath his shield. Tapping the ribcage where his heart would have been.

“I sense no magic coming from you. However, that style, I have never seen it. It’s like you walk straight past my defences. I’ve seen my fair amount of party tricks, but I can see how that would work in the battlefield. And with a little bit of magic, I could even see you working for some Lord as their bodyguard. And that is coming from someone that has been making swords most of my life after being in the army.

The man was quite surprised, I could sense it in the way he focused his defences. It was like there was something that worked through the air. I sensed the attack before it came. Vicious attacks, some with the rim of the shield. And then, before it was really getting started. He had the sword to my neck, it was not properly deflected, and I had to work an evasive spell, the sword flowed through my skin, and I’d not been visibly marked.

“Wow” That was something I had never had to resort to. I hadn’t thought of this until now. “I learn a lot more here than at school” I stated flatly. I was as surprised by the mechanism that I had invented. “That’s an interesting way of fighting that I had not considered until now. Mentally looking through the patterns that were getting to me. I could see the paths the man had taken to get me there. They were tricky to advance against, however I was going to use magic.

He had not, but this was a way of fighting that was especially designed to fight against it. “Will you allow me the use of magic in this sparring match, it seems you are already prepared for it?”

The man nodded shortly.

” ~ Zerxes the legendary Necromancer

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“However there were also a bunch of people that were perusing. A Vampyre, and a human of around the same age was something that caught the readers’ attention. Like worms on the ground in front of ten hawks. They all followed us with their eyes. Something told me to turn around to Amanda. She looked me in my eyes, confusion in her face.

I bent down. She was even more confused now. Kissing her lightly on her lips. The spectators went back to whatever they were doing before noticing us, too embarrassed by the moment. Leaving us time to get out.” ~ Zerxes

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I’m a writer: 2014 in review.

It’s that time of the year again. The time where we all look to each other, smile, and say everything is fine.

For me everything is fine. Sure, I could need a job. Sure, a partner would be splendid.  But all in all, I am fine. I live in a “first world country” if you follow that classification system. Lucky that I was born here, on this particular patch of this planet we live on.

I like to think that I am a man who has little to say, and a lot to show. However this last part of the year has shown me that it is actually somewhat the opposite. I wrote 342k words in the last 128 days of the year 2014 that’s 342 000 words. This is all thanks to Jeff Goins‘ My 500 Words-initiative.

Most of those words were spent on the Bookverse I am working on.  It is a fantasy/scifi multiverse, that has daemons, gods, a bunch of “pure-blooded humanoids”, Man, and a multitude of crossbreds that the kinky nature of man truly can appreciate.

There is magic, laws and rules to that magic that are as different for every culture that taste-buds are to us. Cults that make you cringe with their horrid thoughts and practices.  There are strange phenomena, classes of magic that boggle the mind, and mages and wizards that make your skin crawl.

All in all, I am looking forwards to writing more in this bookverse, and maybe, just maybe, get a few books out of it; Perhaps bringing more writers into it.

Looking forward to new opportunities, new characters to write about, new friends to make, and last but not least: A new year!

Lastly, I want to thank a bunch of people for kind words, a great community, and a little kick in the bum when that was needed: My 500 Words

If you got all the way down here, I thank you for your time. And hope that you got at least something out of my rambling 😉