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“He looked at me with compassion in his eyes. “To be such a young Vampyre and have this conundrum. It is amazing that you have not fallen. I hope you will. Because that is what is the most attractive to me. Your inability and will to fall into the trap of Vampyre heritage of violence.

The man looked beyond my eyes, and into the starts behind us. “You need to go. This has taken a lot longer than you think and your show is about to start.” I reviewed what I had learnt. The rage I had gotten rid of today, was rage that had leaked into a mental plane within myself. I wondered the significance that he had been able to enter without difficulties. I had no idea. The trainer was still standing there when I blinked away. He would come for me in the morrow for our next lesson. For some reason the man carried a lot of legaleese documents.

Apparently it was a thing to be well versed in legaleese in the Vampyre world. He wanted me to sign a few documents as he called it. It’d only take five minutes he said. But before that we needed to make an adjustment immediately. I had been told to come to an abandoned bunker. I could easily get back by blinking. My Vampyre was getting so much better at knowing our location that he and I could get back with one or two jumps. It was something of a sport amongst he Vampyres apparently to spend the least number of jumps when Blinking.” ~ Kimberly, Trueborn cursed Vampyre

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