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2015-02-11 4065 words, 65.56 WPM 20.07 % typo

Day 170: 4065 words in 62 minutes making the WPM: 65.56! Error rate: 20.07 %

“Our numbers slowly grew. There were a few of us that went wandering outside our original borders. The mountains seemed forgotten. I sensed a storm. Far on the outreaches of my own senses. However I sensed it. And I sensed something going wrong with it. Thereafter it slowly diminished. Walking as slowly as I could, using my red vision, to avoid stepping on anyone. Or anything if I could avoid it. I made as little noise as possible, walked up to the storm. Managing nearly to reach it before it dissipated. There, in the middle of the place where the storm had vanished.

I saw another creature. A man. He had two more at his side. And a few steps from that, I sense saw another group. There were five in all. Those that shone the brightest were the men in the middle. I had no idea how, but they had so much magic inside them that I think not even our magical protections in the skin would hide it. They didn’t care to hide it. And then there was a train of marbles. Small tiny glass marbles. That contained magic. And such a quantity of magic. It was immense I was terrified that they could gather this much into those tiny little objects.

I could accidentally crush one while on a stroll. I walked away. Soon though, I was followed. Curiously by one of the magicians that had been there. He caught up with me. Probably through warren. I was loathe to provide access to our warren. so I did not rip a hole here. There were rules those with enough power could hitch a ride in others footsteps even through unfamiliar warrens. And this magician had enough power. “Hey there, don’t run!

The man shouted. I walked slowly making sure not to step on the tiny form. It was hard enough as it was, without his light blinding me. “I just want to talk ” The man had said. I wondered that. I was afraid he might hurt me. I could not see any harm in his heart. “Ah, so it is true.” Your eyes, their look is piercing. Like you can see straight through any mask I put on” The man said. I slowly stat down. ” What do you want?” I asked.

The sound of my voice so unfamiliar to myself in this environment, I could be heard for many many miles. There were a few things I would like to ask of this human, Was he not afraid? “Don’t worry, I plan to ask you questions, and I bet you want to ask me questions, I propose one question, one answer then the others turn?” He looked sharp, too sharp for his age. A sheepish smile adorned his lips. ” ~ Cerun, The Wanderer

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