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2015-02-14 4055 words, 56.32 WPM 15.34 % typo

Day 174: 4055 words in 72 minutes making the WPM: 56.32! Error rate: 15.34 %

“We’re working on how to make sure there will be survivable places. That might add the cost of the spell. But we think the man or woman carrying the souls would not mind carrying a few more.

The man stepped down, the giant sheet of paper was enlarged enough the probability equations he had calculated was feasible by all. He’d managed the improbable and likely impossible, feat of pressing the spell to the optimal threshold of getting almost all the energy out of the souls, but still allowing them to maintain a form, and their memories.

I was impressed. And starting to feel a lot better. “Now”

The king was speaking again. “We haven’t brought you here to simply tell you all this. You have been attached to the armed forces. It is a mandatory motion, that will allow you to command them in the party you will be going through. We’ve calculated each party to be able to carry all your family members, and children to fill the rest of the slots.

There will be a few left here but we will send anyone that knows the equations, and or probability factors to the rest of the spells through in the case of the whatever is eating our reality, begin able to calculate or even understand our language. We do not want them to be able to follow us.” ~ Cerun, The Wanderer

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