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2015-02-18 4027 words, 77.9 WPM 28.17  % typo

Day 177: 4027 words in 52 minutes making the WPM: 77.9! Error rate: 28.17 %

“Looking to our spells, we could find nothing. We were second in the leaving of the colonies. Exiting our own universe, it is a strange thing to think about. Spells never tried before. Things never attempted. Nobody has ever tried casting teleportation spells that disintegrate their own traces. However the little people are certain that they can make it happen.

There have been test-casts. Nothing was left from that either. And the warlock that left, was unable to return. There was too much at stake. Since it moved the person any direction both on the scale of time, and the scale of possibility, there were problems should he return. That meant he had found out how. Which was something we would like to not know, nor the presence that was draining our universe. The threat that lives between universes.

The Portal opens.”

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