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Firstly a disclaimer: I read this book with the intent of writing this blog post as part of a marketing campaign by M.C. Simon. (While not a paid promotion, the book was provided free for review.)

Secondly a review:  I don’t particularly subscribe to the idea of feng shui. It just doesn’t jam with my world view. Mostly I subscribe to the scientific world view, the one where we can’t really say that feng shui has any basis upon other things than subjective experience. That said I did get something out of this book: Your environment plays a big role in how you end up writing.

I also got an idea. Now, ideas are dime a dozen. They’re generally cheap. Those that pay themselves, are the ideas that are immediately implemented or ideas where a white plastic apple is glued to something of mediocre ingenuity.

No white plastic apples were involved with my idea. I decided to change my writing environment. For comparison, here is my earlier writing environment (Yes, I really had a video of that lying around. Because people wondered how I wrote as many words as I do 😉 ):

The book goes into some detail on the neatness of your desk, so that was one of the first things to go, I uncluttered my desktop (not the computer one, but my real one). Then I removed some cables on the wall, they’re still there, just hidden behind my screens. After that I moved a picture that I loved, this picture has decayed. A part of the reason for that is that it was stored outside for a month or so (before I made it mine).

I found it outside, and I love it for all its imperfections. M.C. Simon advice you to hang a picture that inspires you, however also says that they should be of water or dynamic nature. This one is of a church. But also a river, and some vegetation. The focal point is that it inspires me.

The third change, is one I haven’t implemented yet, but I have most of the tools for it. Assuming I will go ahead with it. The author propose separating yourself from the rest of your world at home. In my case, I have a bunch of black fabric, that I think would do well to hide myself from the world. To make an even more separated “safe-zone” than the two screens that makes up my left and right fields of view.

The second comparison video (Pause is your friend xD If you want to use my “screensavers” find them at ):

Notice the shot-glass, I don’t think I’ll use it. But it IS cute.

If you need a careful prod, something to get you to look at your environment. Maybe change a few things… EVEN if you don’t subscribe to feng shui (especially if you do), M.C. Simon provides a bunch of tips to make a writing zone your own.

The book can be had over at Amazon. M.C. Simon also has a website over at Alternatively, you could turn your eyeballs towards this press release which I was also given as press material 🙂

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