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I saw procrastination as a mountain you had to scale. However, Procrastination is standing on a ledge, and all it takes is a single step.

It’s quite simple really. So simple that it hurts. You just gather your thoughts, and tumble off that ledge. Then when you wake up, some hours later you’ve done a lot of stuff. And you can go back to procrastinating again.

Becoming a serial non-procrastinator takes practice. It takes a lot of practice, and grit. But it is possible.


I’ve been there. Last year, I was there for two hundred consecutive days. Every single day, I wrote at least five hundred words. Some days were harder. I ended up feeling like a champion. However it clashed with my social needs. Mostly because I had not set up a time to write.

Then I grew sick, real sick. And I stopped my by that time, habit. Then, after I started again, I noticed many of the same trends as it was with the last few weeks of my 200 day run I was growing tired, and certain days simply didn’t agree with me writing. But I stuck through it.

I still ended up a couple of days behind. Because, unlike what I had been doing, I no longer had the same flow, or focus. By the end of April,  the planned content I had for my character and story was running out quickly.

But in the last three days, I caught up. And to catch up, I had to write nearly ten days.

That means 25 000 ish words the first day, 25 000 ish words the next day, then 30 000 ish words the last day. Oh, did I forget to mention my goal was double the word count that I used to write in a month? Yeah, 250 000 words.

After that I took a well earned, I thought 25 day break. Before I started working on the habit again. I still hadn’t caught the hint. The hint that I need to write in the morning. Before my social ties start to grab my attention.

I’m there now. I know when I need to write. But there’s a comfortable space there, the tip of that ledge. I have the ability to not write, to stare at the wall and allow time to flow by. Procrastination. It’s a powerful foe to someone who knows that he can write 80 000 words in three days.

With things I don’t know, I’m often more focused… “Could you write 250 000 words in a month?” as opposed to “Write 120 0000 words this month” Since I know that I can write 80k words in three days, I know that I can be lazy most of the month, and write like a champion the last couple of days.


My plan?

One of the notes pinned to my cork-board.

What am I practising doing now? Getting out of my bed, then immediately writing.

Is it working? I am getting out of bed, ungodly early in the morning more often than not. I don’t usually manage to write though. Which annoys me the rest of the day. I need a routine in the morrow that will stick. Which is what I am working on finding. That and coping with procrastination when it comes to my writing.

Post Script: Sorry I’m a day late in posting this. I completely forgot, due to some meetings with my writing group. Which stalled my writing till late (it’s 00:24 am here now, and I haven’t started yet).

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