A short update on the Singple-player write-in

We’ve finally recorded all the typing we need.¬†School for one of the sound peoples, and life in general has delayed our recording sessions (We planned to get them done shortly after the original announcement)

Editing should be starting tomorrow. We’ve also gotten a hold of an artists account on Bandcamp, and an artist for the covers and graphics on the site.

Things are looking good for now. Deadline is 31 OCT still. So we should be more than done by then, maybe even have some extras in line ūüėÄ

I’m starting to get hyped for NaNoWriMo :3

Single player write-in

One of these days I was bored,¬†thus recorded myself typing 4500 words in an hour. It’s a surprisingly chill listen I find. And it gave me an idea: “What if I recorded a bunch of sessions, mixed them together to emulate a writein-session”

If I really wanted to hit the knockout, I’d add background noise that made a cabin theme, for a¬†caf√©-themed one, record city and barista noises perhaps.

My goal with these, create a soundtrack of a virtual write-in. You would put on your headsets. There could be a voice, announcing an hour-long write-ins¬†start, ¬†and around you can hear 5-6¬†writers writing away… I would like to get it out in time for November and NaNoWriMo. I’ve been told authors will throw money at such a project. And I do believe them. I know I would.

You’ll find what sparked my idea over¬†at soundcloud. And, if you feel like owning it:¬†bandcamp.

UPDATE (Sep 9): It’s actually happening, I’ve found myself a couple of sound engineers. We’ll be aiming for a November 1 release with¬†three tracks:¬†cabin, cafe, and a “rainy moods” (stormy writing session) in two different lengths:¬†1 hour and 8¬†hours long. We’re planning to use bandcamp¬†for it’s ease of use.

UPDATE (Sep 21): Two weeks have passed, We’ve gotten some of the recordings done (1/3). Not a lot, but some. Going to get the rest/most of it done today. Not feeling great about meeting deadline.