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One of these days I was bored, thus recorded myself typing 4500 words in an hour. It’s a surprisingly chill listen I find. And it gave me an idea: “What if I recorded a bunch of sessions, mixed them together to emulate a writein-session”

If I really wanted to hit the knockout, I’d add background noise that made a cabin theme, for a café-themed one, record city and barista noises perhaps.

My goal with these, create a soundtrack of a virtual write-in. You would put on your headsets. There could be a voice, announcing an hour-long write-ins start,  and around you can hear 5-6 writers writing away… I would like to get it out in time for November and NaNoWriMo. I’ve been told authors will throw money at such a project. And I do believe them. I know I would.

You’ll find what sparked my idea over at soundcloud. And, if you feel like owning it: bandcamp.

UPDATE (Sep 9): It’s actually happening, I’ve found myself a couple of sound engineers. We’ll be aiming for a November 1 release with three tracks: cabin, cafe, and a “rainy moods” (stormy writing session) in two different lengths: 1 hour and 8 hours long. We’re planning to use bandcamp for it’s ease of use.

UPDATE (Sep 21): Two weeks have passed, We’ve gotten some of the recordings done (1/3). Not a lot, but some. Going to get the rest/most of it done today. Not feeling great about meeting deadline.

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