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The Reader

Hi! I am a man with 26 years of vintage behind the belt. I love reading, and writing. This blog is intended to serve as my way of giving back to the authors I read. I have a HUGE backlog of books I own, that I want to read.

They’ve always been in the “When I have time” – stack, There are hundreds. I’m thinking of making a voting system to go with the book tracker,  I am also thinking of updating the software that tracks the books. It’s been a while since I made it, and I would like batch book additions, and some sort of temporary ISBN-ish tracking for all the before-ISBN-existed books I’ve gotten my hands on.

Another thing I’m looking forward to doing is adding the more recent books to my collection, and getting rid of the books I have multiples of. As time passes, I might ship books out to my readers (given that I have a bunch extra)

The Writer

I write, a lot. Nowadays I write some 4000 words every day. My writing journey started back in August last year (2014) when I saw a presentation by Jeff Goins. Where he details the four steps to a daily writing habit that he has identified.

It inspired me, it inspired me hard. I had thought that I should get to writing for some time. I had been writing to and fro for years. I could write fifty sixty pages in a sitting. However there are so many of the stories that I never finished. I was great at starting, but never finishing.

I joined Jeff Goins My 500 Words group on Facebook, and Coach.me (Which at that time was lift.do). The simple use of those sites, led me to a TWO HUNDRED DAY STREAK. Showing myself that it was not only possible, it was completely viable to write at least five hundred words a day.

During that 200 day run, I had one case of NaNoWriMo where I day three, saw that I was basically guaranteed to get to the goal of 50k words. I saw  Jason Cantrells numbers and got inspired. I decided that I would do 100k words for my first NaNoWriMo, I was unemployed and damn it if I wasn’t going to get to 100 000 words.

It’s a strange thing to say that fifty thousand words didn’t feel like a challenge. But it didn’t, and as I am a bit fond of round numbers, In stead of making it 3667 words, I made it 4000 words. I would write at least 4000 words. At first it was hard. I would spend two hours a day writing to get the word counts high enough. Then nearly halfway into NaNoWriMo, I was introduced to ilys.com. I skipped 9 words per minute the first day.

As time went on, and I grew more accustomed to ilys.coms strange interface, I also grew a lot faster. What ended my 200 day streak? I grew sick. I don’t get sick, it’s been a fact for most of my life after school. So when I do get sick, it’s debilitating. It’s been five years since the last time I was sick. So I suppose I was in need of a good thrashing.

I took two weeks off from writing to be ready for April. This time, I also did that thing where I doubled what I accustomed to, so I wrote towards 250 000 words. AND MADE IT. I’ll be the first one to admit that it wasn’t easy. But that was the thing. I like challenge. And this was a challenge. “Write 8333 words a day” didn’t sound that hard to someone who writes 4000 words in around an hour.

And for the first few days it wasn’t. But then I started missing days, Writing two sessions a day wasn’t that bad either. At the end of April, I had to cancel a casual magic the gathering session. The second one in an entire year. Because at that time, I was nearly TEN days behind. That is 80000 words!  The crazy thing? Day 1: 25000 words, day 2: 25000 words, Day 3: 32000 words.

The rest of the cabin was clenching their butts so hard it was felt across the internet. Then again, I wrote as much as the other ten people together. So that is fun.

After April followed another sabbath, a span of 25 days, where writing wasn’t more on my mind than “I should start again someday”. When you write 4000 words a day, over a month that amounts to 120 000 words roughly. So to make it a challenge I needed to make it that high.

And it would have been a piece of cake. Had I been able to make my two-hour (actually I lowered that to around 100 minutes) investment, it would have been fine. But I’ve never been good at following schedules. I just set a requirement to sleep, and if I have committed to that requirement, then I will be doing that before I sleep.

During April, my commitment levels had not yet grown back to where they were before. I’ve yet to properly recover my commitment. I still commit to writing every day. But it’s not as set in stone any longer.

I’m working to get my writing incorporated into my routine in the morning. Which means I need to make a morning routine as well. It’s getting there. My body has started to wake me around the time the alarm goes off, so whenever I actually get out of bed at that time. I am able to get the writing done.

The Coach

I have been running a coaching business, through Coach.me. Coach.me is a platform you can use when you want to make new habits.

My coaching sessions usually start by doing a thirty minute  to an hour-long (I don’t really keep count, but you know as a general rule) conversation over voice chat (skype or similar alternative), to allow myself and the client a chance to  get to know each other ( I include it as an additional service ). I find that it makes the connection to my clients stick a lot better. It’s easier to foresee issues, and easier to understand where they are coming from.

I coach writing consistently. As you read above (if you didn’t skip), I’ve had a two hundred day run. And I’ll get another. I may not have gotten my commitment up yet, but I am getting there.

I prefer coaching effectively. I’m not going to artificially drag out your coaching. I will give you the tools, the reasoning behind those particular tools, and if you find they work for you, then great, if not: We will see if we can find something that will work.

As a coach, my job is to get you on your feet running, and help you pick up the pieces when you run head-first into a wall (or sidestep the wall altogether). The faster I can do that, the better. I don’t like wasting other peoples or money, or time.

If you want to start writing that book, that series, or that article. I can get you writing.

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